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Authme's AI-powered KYC solution offers real-time, reliable identity verification to combat sophisticated identity fraud. We’re here to help you build trust in digital world.

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How Authme helps your business?

Pain Points in Identity Verification

Poor onboarding process leads to high drop-off rate.

Manual verification results in high labor costs and operation inefficiency.

New Identity fraud poses critical threats to your company.

Authme’s Total Solution

Optimize Onboarding Process

Authme onboarding streamlines users’ process into 3 simple steps - scan, pose, verify, which enables frictionless experience to keep your customer satisfied and loyal.

Reduce Manual Expense

Authme one-stop AI solution utilizes OCR, NFC reading, and facial recognition technology to verify the authenticity of ID card with the human automatically.

Prevent Identity Fraud

Authme develops fake image detection, AI facial recognition, and patented passive live detection to helps you spot fraudulent IDs and deepfake attacks in advance, which can protect you from the most sophisticated type of fraud.

We’re Trusted by World’s Leading Companies

During the cooperation with Authme, we are amazed by the flexibility and innovation of their solution. We view Authme as our external R&D department, and expect to create a better financial experience together.
In the cooperation with Authme, we’ve seen more possibilities for the utilization of digital services. No matter in what scenarios, we expects to work with Authme to increase the accessibility of digital services.
AuthMe's eKYC solution allow customers to quickly complete identity verification, which increase the possibility of extending more digital services. Therefore, we are optimistic about its potential as a future unicorn startups.

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